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A Collection of Previous Inspirational Thoughts 
and Reflections by Holman Meyerhoffer

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Within these pages you will find words of inspiration, encouragement and the wisdom of Spirit expressing Itself through the journey of my life.

As we begin to realize our inner wholeness and our vast connectedness, as we begin to heal our hurts and change our thinking, as we begin to take complete responsibility for our experiences and how we self-create our lives down to the most minute detail an energetic ripple erupts from our being that changes the very fabric of reality surrounding us and from us it flows out into the world and into all of manifest creation.

Now is the time to dance in the darkness, to laugh with our fears and whisper sweet-nothings to our insecurities. Now is the time to embrace our wholeness and cry out joyfully: “I feel you! I hear you! I embrace you! I accept you! I am you! I am you and I’m okay.”

Yes, human beings are story tellers. The choice is ours whether our story is a romance, a fairy tale or a horror story of suffering and misery. The only difference is the awareness we bring to the story we constantly tell ourselves. May yours be a best seller! May it be full of love and laughter, joy and pleasure. May the conflict you experience serve only to awaken you to your true nature, to help you find and flourish in an inner awareness of yourself as grand and magnificent, unendingly beautiful in all your humanness and flaws. May your story include an ever more integral, inclusive realization of your limitlessness and interconnection with everything and everyone. May it help you to live an unguarded, undefended, genuine, gritty life!

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